Good growth potential outlined at MIPIM UK

Good growth potential outlined at MIPIM UK

Kingston's offer was showcased at MIPIM UK, alongside the good growth generated by a new wave of regeneration sweeping across the borough.

The real estate forum took place on 18-19 October at London Olympia, with more than 3,250 participants including business leaders, investors and developers and White Label Creative facilitated the borough's representation.

Kingston Council's chief executive Charlie Adan took part in an NLA-chaired debate at the London Stand and told delegates that focus needed to be given to help communities understand what good growth can be.

The borough has a remarkable and diverse number of sites, some that are 'spade-ready' as well as those with long-term development potential. They include the Cambridge Road Housing Estate regeneration programme and Kingston town centre's Cattle Market carpark and adjacent land.

Attendees were invited to meet senior council figures as well as representatives from Kingston University, the leading UK institution for business start-ups. Kingston Council leaders were able to identify relevant individuals and companies who could partner projects that would benefit the borough's residents.

The message to potential investors was how Kingston's fusion of creativity, culture, heritage and economic success has seen it go from strength to strength as a place of entrepreneurship, education, fashion and tourism.

Further, Kingston is continuing to reinforce its position as a borough of innovation with the delivery of a new phase of regeneration, bringing new jobs, homes and better transport and community infrastructure across the borough.

Development is taking place under the Kingston Futures Programme which has been specifically designed to support good growth and investment across the borough.

Since its launch four years ago, almost 3,000 homes, over 250,000 sq ft of retail space, restaurants, schools, office space and hotels have been granted planning permission. Building on this success, new sites and development opportunities are becoming available as regeneration gathers pace. The proposed Crossrail 2 line will deliver further growth, with 10 stations in the borough.

The scale of opportunity, ambition, amazing location and support available means there's never been a better time to invest in Kingston.